Agency Programs, Experts Directory, and Whitelabeling

This feature requires Manager user level or higher.

MailChimp offers several programs for agencies that use MailChimp to manage email marketing for clients.

In this article, you’ll learn about these programs.

Agency Program

In addition to the program below, we offer specialized features to our users, many of which are useful for agencies. We also write an agency newsletter that provides helpful insights, research, and other information straight to your email inbox.

Agency Discount Program

Our Agency Discount Program is for agencies that manage all aspects of email marketing for their clients, so clients never need to access the account. If qualified, we apply a 15% discount to the agency’s account, and the agency bills clients independently based on services rendered. Under this program, the agency uploads each client’s contact data into separate MailChimp lists in the same account.

Experts Directory and Expert Discount Program

Our Experts Directory allows users to hire a MailChimp-approved expert with a specialized skillset to help set up an integration or create a custom project. Users on the Monthly Plan can participate in the Expert Discount Program for their first custom project with a MailChimp Expert. Under this program, users will receive three free months of MailChimp, following the completion of the project. Users on the Pay As You Go Plan must switch to a Monthly Plan before their discount can be applied

Branding Customization

MailChimp doesn’t offer a fully whitelabeled version of our application. However, experienced developers can use the MailChimp API to deliver completely customized reports to colleagues and clients, and use the MailChimp API in their own custom-designed interface.

MailChimp’s name appears in the URL for sent email campaigns, but URLs can also be customized to include your client's brand name.

Our MailChimp badge is required in email campaigns sent from Forever Free accounts. Pay As You Go and Monthly Plans can choose to hide or display the badge.

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