About Direct Complaints

To help protect your reputation and our own, we closely monitor the results of your campaigns. When we see things that could cause your account reputation to suffer, we notify you accordingly. Direct Complaints are serious and occur when a subscriber has reached out directly to MailChimp, our hosting facility, or a blacklist to complain of unwanted email.

We understand you have a business to run but to prevent further damage, anti-spam laws require that we suspend accounts during the investigation of a direct complaint. If your account has been shut down as the result of a direct complaint, we will send an email to the account's contact email address that briefly explains the issue and directs you to log in to your account for further clarification and steps to resolve the matter.

We ask that you carefully follow the steps shown to you after you log back into your account and provide us with as much information as possible so we can work to resolve the issue. Anti-spam laws require us to provide detail about the sender, so the more information you can give us, the quicker we can complete the account review. A full review of the incident will proceed once we have the requested information from you.

During the time that your account is suspended, you won't be able to send campaigns but all other interaction with the application should continue to work so you can log in, view your reports, and manage your lists.

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