About Bounce Warnings

If you've received a bounce warning, your bounce rate has exceeded industry thresholds established by ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Email service providers, including MailChimp, are required to enforce these thresholds. Excessive bounce rates can potentially result in account suspension, so it's important to take bounce warnings seriously.

Below, you'll learn more about bounce warnings and steps you can take to improve your bounce rate.

Bounce warnings are meant to help you by letting you know that your list is receiving higher than normal bounce rates without immediately suspending your account. It is important to heed these warnings and use them as an opportunity to take a step back and assess what caused your bounce rate to exceed thresholds.

View bounce warnings as a tool for maintaining and managing your lists through our system. If you start to notice a trend of hard bounce warnings through sending, it could be due to a stale list that contains invalid email addresses. When you receive a warning for hard bounces, consider what improvements can be made to your list.

Consistently exceeding industry thresholds for bounces not only means that you are not reaching your targeted audience, but you're also affecting your sending reputation through our service. Using the warnings as a cue to take action toward the health of your list.

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