Integrate Google Apps with MailChimp

This feature requires Manager user level or higher.

Integrate MailChimp with Google Apps to make it easy for anyone within your organization to access MailChimp from Google Apps. Connect an existing MailChimp account or create a new one directly through your Google Apps account.

Once the MailChimp and Google Apps accounts are connected, you can give users on your organization's domain access to the MailChimp account and set up a separate username and password to log in to your MailChimp account.

Below, you'll find information on how to connect an existing MailChimp account to your Google Apps account or create a MailChimp account through Google Apps, and you'll learn more about managing your accounts.

Connect MailChimp with Google Apps

  1. Log in to your Google Apps account or set one up if you don't already have one.
  2. Click the Apps icon in the upper-right corner of your Admin console, then scroll all the way down to select More from Apps Marketplace.
    Select Apps icon to access More from Apps Marketplace
  3. In the Search All Marketplace field, search for MailChimp or manually locate MailChimp under Business Tools.
  4. Select MailChimp from the search results.
  5. Click Install App, then agree to terms and grant data access to add the MailChimp service to your domain.
  6. Click  Sign in now to sign in to MailChimp or click  Additional configuration in the Additional settings section of the MailChimp settings page to sign in.
  7. If you have an existing account, click on Use existing account, fill in the MailChimp username and password, and click Set Up Account to connect the MailChimp account to Google Apps.

    If you do not already have a MailChimp account, select Create new account and click Set Up Account, where you'll be asked to fill in account details. Once the account is created, you will be logged in to the MailChimp account.

Set Up MailChimp Login Credentials

If the MailChimp account is connected to your Google Apps account, you don't need to log in to MailChimp from the MailChimp login page. However, if you created a new MailChimp account through Google Apps, you can set up a separate username and password to use when logging in from the MailChimp login page.

Keeping all of your integrations under one Google login is an excellent way to manage your integrations, but we understand that having a separate username and password for the MailChimp account can still be useful. Additionally, a separate username and password allows access to the MailChimp account if Google Apps is disconnected or deleted.

Set Up a Username and Password

  1. Click your profile name to open the Account Panel and choose My Profile.
    My profile tray drop-down menu.
  2. Under the Basic information heading, fill out the Username field and then click the Update button.
    Enter Username Field
  3. Change the password by inserting the newly created username into our Password Reset tool. We'll email instructions on how to reset your password to the email address in the My profile section of the MailChimp account.
  4. Click the Reset Your Password link in the email to create a new password.
    Click Reset Your Password to creat a new password

Once the information is saved, you have the option to log in through Google Apps or you can sign in through the MailChimp login page with the username and password you just created.

When you log in to MailChimp through Google Apps rather than our login screen, we use Open Authorization (OAuth) to pass along a token to identify you. OAuth is like a valet key, allowing you to share resources between websites without having to share your username and password with each site.

Grant Access to MailChimp

Grant access to the MailChimp account for other users on your organization's Google Apps domain by editing the organization and users in the Google Apps Admin console. This will give access to all members of your organization and the ability to log in to the connected MailChimp account.

If you want to restrict access to only a few users on the Google Apps domain, create a suborganization of users and grant permission for that suborganization only.

The Google Apps support documentation has more information on how to set up the organization and users or the suborganization.

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