About MailChimp’s Account Navigation

The navigation bar at the top of your MailChimp account allows you to get around the application, so you can perform actions like create a campaign or list, connect an integration, or view your profile information. The available options vary based on your user level.

If you use a desktop computer to access your account, your top navigation will look similar to the image below.

Top navigation, showing Campaigns, Templates, Lists, Reports, and Automation page options.

If you work on a mobile device, or have zoomed in or compressed the browser window on your desktop computer, you will see the following navigation bar.

Top navigation, showing the compressed screen with three-bar icon on left side to expand page options.

Tap or click the three-bar icon on the left side of the navigation bar to access a menu with the options to go to your Campaigns, Templates, Lists, Reports, or Automation pages.

Below, you’ll learn about the different navigation options and the actions they perform. Most pages include additional navigation options and drop-down menus to help you navigate to the page you want.

Freddie Chimp Icon
The Freddie icon represents the Dashboard page, or what is essentially the homepage of your account. Your account dashboard includes overview information about your recent campaigns, list activity, and more.

The Campaigns page includes your draft, scheduled, paused, and sent campaigns. From this page, you can select to create a new campaign or continue to edit an unsent campaign.

Any template that you’ve saved for future use can be found on the Templates page. This is also where you can create a new template and access the Content Manager.

You’ll find your lists on the Lists page. From here, you can create new lists, click to view lists and their subscribers, and create your list’s signup form.

The Reports page contains the reports for any sent campaign, automation, or Inbox Preview.

The Automation page is where you can create or edit an automation.

Account Menu
Click your username to expand the account menu to access account notifications, your profile information, account information, support help, and the option to log out of your account.

Click the Help tool to access our Knowledge Base from your MailChimp account.

The Search tool allows you to search for campaigns and subscribers in your account.

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