Manage Multiple Clients in MailChimp

Many MailChimp users manage email marketing on behalf of clients. If you need to manage multiple clients in MailChimp, you'll find a number of ways to meet your account, content, and billing needs.

In this article, you'll learn about the options available for managing multiple clients in MailChimp so you can choose what works best for you and your business.

Billing and Account Options

There are a few account and billing options for managing multiple clients in MailChimp. The best option for you will depend on the needs of your company and the clients you work with.

Bill for Campaign Costs

This works for clients who are low-volume senders, or who only send occasional promotional emails.

Maintain one list per client and use a Pay As You Go Plan to purchase only the credits you need to send their campaigns to their lists. Include a separate line in your client invoices for the cost of the credits.

Maintain One Account for Multiple Clients

Try this option for clients who send frequently, but who don't need access to the account.

Use a Monthly Plan for all your clients, and bill each client based on their subscriber count. For example, if Client A has 50,000 subscribers, but Client B has only 500 subscribers, you can scale their fees to reflect the percentage of your monthly fee they're responsible for. To find a monthly fee per client, determine the percentage of subscribers stored for each client, and multiply it by your monthly rate.

Maintain Separate Client Accounts

Use this method for clients with a high sending volume or who prefer to collaborate with you throughout the design process and need access to the account.

Maintain a separate Monthly Plan account for each client, and bill them based on the cost of each account. To easily move between projects, connect all your client accounts to a single login. You can also invite each client to view and work in their own accounts.

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List Management

It's always important to maintain healthy subscriber lists. The lists you manage for your clients should all be permission-based, and we strongly recommend that you use our double opt-in sign up forms. Use our Form Builder and work with your clients to create signup forms that fit their business needs and branding.

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Collaborate With Clients

MailChimp offers several ways for you to collaborate with clients. If you maintain separate client accounts, you can add each client as user on the account you manage for them.

If you manage multiple clients in a single account, and don't want a client to have access to other clients' work, you can show your work outside of MailChimp. Share templates you're working on, show your clients their signup form, share reports with them, and more.

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Manage User Levels in Your Account

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