To wrap text around an image, the image must be left or right aligned. Follow the steps below to set an alignment for an image.

  1. In the Design step of the Campaign Builder, click the text content block with an image to begin editing. You can also click the pencil icon on Drag and Drop templates or the Edit button on Classic or custom coded templates to edit a content block.

    Editable content area

  2. Double click the image you want the text to wrap around.
  3. Click the show image style options link.

    Show style options

  4. Click the Align drop down menu and choose either left or right.

    Choose alignment

  5. Click Save & Insert Image to save your changes.

    Save alignment

While editing the image style options, you'll also see options to set a top, right, bottom, and left margin. Enter a value into any of these fields to add space around your image to create a buffer between the text and your image.

Choose margin


Outlook handles images and other formatting differently from some other email clients.

We suggest sending a test email to an Outlook account to make sure it looks as expected. If it doesn't, here are a few tips for sending to Outlook accounts that you can use.

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