All email campaigns sent from MailChimp must include our *|UNSUB|* unsubscribe tag. When MailChimp delivers your campaign, he'll replace that tag with your list's unique opt-out link. You can alter the text in your footer, but don't ever remove the *|UNSUB|* tag or remove your address (you can manually add it if you do not want to use the system tag). Here's some sample code you can use for your plain-text emails:

Copy-paste this into your plain-text email:

Unsubscribe *|EMAIL|* from this list:

Our mailing address is:

Our telephone:

Forward this email to a friend:

Update your profile:

You can probably tell what all the little *|MERGETAGS|* will be replaced with, whenever you send the campaign to your list. Just make sure that your list has all of that information entered (it's all under your List > Settings under the "required email footer content" area).

Feel free to edit the content any way you want, but remember: don't remove the *|UNSUB|* tag or your address.

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