How to Share a Sent Campaign

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After you send your campaign, it's common to want to share the content with people who weren't on your list, like coworkers, new subscribers, or visitors to your website. To do this, there are a few options to share your sent campaigns: resend the campaign, post the campaign on social media, or share your campaign archive.

In this article, you’ll learn a few ways to share your campaigns.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • This article shows how to share a sent campaign. If your campaign is scheduled, or if it’s still a draft, consider the Twitter or Facebook integrations, which can auto-post campaigns on your social media sites when you send them.
  • Some sharing methods are limited to certain campaign types. View the table in the first section to learn about the limitations.

Share Options for Campaign Types

To learn which sharing method supports the type of campaign you want to share, use this table.

  Regular Plain-Text A/B Test RSS Automation
Resend a Campaign
Social Share Feature      

Share a Sent, Archived Campaign

Share Recent Campaign Archive  
Use *|LIST:RECENT|* Merge Tag  
Add Custom Archives to Website            


Resend a Campaign

If you need to resend a campaign, you can replicate it and resend an exact copy. For example, you might want to resend a campaign to new subscribers or to a segment of subscribers who didn’t open the message the first time.

Replicate a Campaign

Getting Started with Segments

Use the Social Share Feature

Use the Social Share feature to share a sent campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or Delicious, or to copy the short URL for your sent campaign. If you enabled Social Cards when you created your campaign, your featured image and message will display when you share.

Share a Sent Campaign with Social Share

Share the Campaign Archive

Use MailChimp’s campaign archive to share links to web-friendly, archived versions of recent messages.

There are a few ways to use the Campaign Archive to share your content.


Share the Archived Version of Your Campaign

When you send to your subscribers, we automatically generate a link to the archived version of your campaign, which you can share with new subscribers, friends, or social media followers. Copy the URL for the archived version of your campaign, and share anywhere online.

About Campaign Archives: Find the Archived Version of a Campaign


Share the Recent Campaign Archive

For each list in your account, we create a free landing page that has links to archived versions of your last 20 campaigns. Share the URL for your campaign archive so new subscribers can quickly catch up on your recent content.

About Campaign Archives: Find Your Recent Campaign Archive


Use LIST:RECENT to Share Recent Campaigns

Insert the *|LIST:RECENT|* merge tag in your campaigns or welcome messages for new subscribers, and we’ll replace it with a list of links to your most recent campaigns. You can use this merge tag in any campaign type, but we’ll only display a list of your recent Regular, Plain-Text, and RSS campaigns.  

All the Merge Tags Cheatsheet: *|LIST:RECENT|*


Add Custom Archives to Your Website

If you have HTML experience or access to a developer, there are a couple of ways to post a MailChimp archive on your website. You can use an archive code to embed recent campaign links on your site, or you can design your own custom archive.

Add a Custom Campaign Archive to a Website

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