We understand that sometimes you might send content that's only intended for your subscribers or maybe you want to make sure that your physical address is not visible on the archive. With a few conditional merge tags, you can limit what's shown on the campaign archive page so that people who see the campaign on a social network or who are forwarded the campaign through the forward to a friend link aren't able to see certain content.

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Using conditional merge tags

There are two conditional merge tags that can be used to display different content on the campaign archive than what is visible in the email your subscribers receive:

Content that is added after this tag and before an *|ELSE:|* or *|END:IF|* tag will ONLY be shown on the campaign archive and not in the emails subscribers receive. If you're using this tag, anything after the *|ELSE:|* tag will be shown in the sent emails.

Content after this tag and before an *|ELSE:|* or *|END:IF|* tag will ONLY be shown in the emails subscribers receive and not in the campaign archive. If you're using this tag, anything after the *|ELSE:|* tag will be shown in the campaign archive.


Let's say you want to give newsletter subscribers a discount, but you want to encourage people who don't subscribe to become a member of your list instead of showing the discount information. Here's how you can do that:

  1. In the Design step of the Campaign Builder click to edit the region where you want to limit content.
  2. Add the following merge tag:
  3. After the merge tag, insert the content you want to be shown to subscribers, such as We're offering a 10% discount to newsletter subscribers! Just enter this code at checkout to have the discount applied: NEWSLETTER-LOYALTY.
  4. Add this merge tag after that:
  5. Insert the content to be shown on the campaign archive. It might be something like Newsletter subscribers get occasional discounts just for subscribing. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter and get exclusive subscriber-only discounts! You could then provide the link to your signup form.
  6. At the end of the content that is only being shown on the campaign archive, add one more merge tag:
  7. Click save.


The final result in the Campaign Builder will look like this:

Conditional Content Final Result

What's shown in the email:

Conditional Content in Email

What's shown in the archive:

Conditional Content in Archive


You can save this campaign as a template if you want to keep the same content hidden in the archives for future campaigns.

You can use the archive conditional tags to completely remove your content from the archive, too. Just add this tag at the beginning of your content:


and this one after all the content:


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