Use Image Card Content Blocks

This feature requires Author user level or higher.

The Image Card content block allows you to add a single image with a caption against a solid-colored background. You can add as many Image Card blocks as you want, but keep our image requirements in mind so your campaign displays as expected in recipients' inboxes.

If you do not want a background color behind your image, use an Image + Caption block instead. To include one or multiple images without captions, use an Image or Image Group block.

Insert Image Card Block

  1. Navigate to the Design step of the Campaign Builder.
  2. Click and drag the Image Card block into your campaign layout.
    Click and drag Image Card into layout
  3. Drag and Drop an image from your computer into the block or click the Browse button to open the File Manager and upload a new image, select one you previously uploaded, or import one from a web address.
    upload image to File Manager
  4. When the upload is complete or an existing image in the File Manager is selected, your image is automatically inserted in the block, and you're returned to the editing pane.

Edit Style and Settings

  1. Navigate to the Design step of the Campaign Builder.
  2. Click the Image Card block you want to edit to bring up the editing pane.
  3. On the Content tab, add your text for the caption. If you paste content from an outside source, like a website or word-processing program, use either the Paste as plain-text or Paste from Rich Text Editor option to prevent extra styling code from being added.

    You can also select to Replace an image, Edit an image in Photo Editor, Link an image to a website or a file for download, and add Alt text, for screen readers.
  4. Change the styles for the caption and card in the Style tab. In the Caption section, change the Text Color, Font Family, Font Size, Font Style, Font Weight, Line Height, and text alignment. Set the border, border thickness and color, and background color from the Card section.

    Change these settings for all Image Card blocks in your campaign layout by checking the optional Apply To All Existing Image Card Blocks box.
  5. In the Settings tab, choose the position of the caption from the Caption Position drop-down menu. If you choose Top or Bottom, you can set the image alignment from the drop-down menu.
    Set alignment on Image Card Settings
    If you set the Caption Position to Left or Right, you can select the caption width from the drop-down menu.
    Select Settings preferences on Settings tab
    Select the Edge To Edge checkbox under Margins if you want to proportionally expand the image to fill the content block.

  6. Return to the Content tab to make any line-by-line styling changes, or apply styling to just a few words in the content block using the toolbar in the editing pane.
  7. Click Save & Close at the bottom of the editing pane to return to the layout editor.

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