About the Buttons on the Editor Toolbar

This feature requires Author user level or higher.

There are many tools available to you within your MailChimp account to help you as you’re building and editing your campaigns.

In this article, you’ll learn about the built-in toolbar for Text blocks, as well as any corresponding keyboard shortcuts available for actions within the toolbar.

Accessing the Toolbar

The toolbar can be accessed from any Text block in the Campaign Builder

To access the toolbar, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Design step of the Campaign Builder.

  2. Click the Pencil icon at the top of the Text block you want to edit.

    The editor toolbar displays all the tools available for editing your text. You can minimize the toolbar and view only the basic text tools by toggling the upward-facing arrowhead button on the right side of the toolbar.
    Full toolbar

Toolbar Features

The full toolbar displays several content editing tools.

  • Text Tools
    Bold and Italic text tools
    Use the Bold and Italic options to change the appearance of the text.
    Keyboard shortcuts:

    ⌘ + B    Bold text
    ⌘ + I     Italic text
  • Link Tools
    Link text icon
    The link tool is used to create a link to a website or file in your content. Keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + L    Create link
    If you've added a link that you no longer need, you can highlight the link and use the broken link icon to remove it.
    Unlink text icon

  • Content Manager Tool
    content manager icon
    Use this icon to upload and add an image to your text box. You can also click this icon to upload a file to our servers.

  • List Tools
    Numbered and bulleted list tool icons
    These tools let you create an ordered (numbered) or unordered (bulleted) list in your content.

  • Paste Tools
    paste text icon
    The first paste tool allows you to paste your content as plain-text, which is great for copying and pasting from other websites and other formatted text. The second icon is for the Paste from Word tool.
    Paste text from Word icon
    This clears most unnecessary Microsoft Word formatting that can mess up the way your HTML email is displayed in subscribers' inboxes. The Paste from Word tool removes a lot of the content's other formatting too, so you may need to add headers and other formatting back in using the Campaign Builder's editor tools.

  • <> Source Code Button
    Source code button
    Click the < > Source icon to access the underlying HTML source code for the content area you're working with. If you need to edit the source of the template itself, you'll need to export the template from MailChimp and edit in the HTML file directly.

  • Styles
    Font styles drop-down menu
    The Styles drop-down menu lets you set the font style for text you've highlighted. In some of our predesigned Themes you may only see the option for Default styles. If you'd like additional flexibility and functionality in setting styles, try our basic templates.

  • Clear Styles

    The Clear Styles tool, also known as the Clear Formatting button, allows you to remove formatting set for any piece of text without deleting the text itself. If you copied your content in from an outside source like a website and the format isn't quite what you're expecting, highlight the content and click this option to set the text back to the default style in the style editor.

  • Font
    font drop-down menu
    You can choose a standard font or a custom web font for your text from the options in this drop-down menu. Not all email clients support web fonts. If the font you choose is not supported, we’ll display a similar standard font instead.

  • Size
    Font size drop-down menu
    Use this drop-down menu to set the font size for your text. Some font styles in our predesigned Themes have specific sizes set directly in the template code and can't be overridden.

  • Color Tools
    Text color selection icon

    Use these tools to set the color of the text as well as the background color of your text. If you're looking to change the background color for sections of your template, you can do that using the style editor.

  • Underline
    Underline text icon
    Use the Underline option to change the appearance of the text.
    Keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + U    Underline text

  • Alignment Tools
    Align text icon
    Use this option to left align, center, right align, or fully justify the text and images in your content.

  • Spell Check Tool
    Spellcheck button
    This tool can be used to check the spelling within your campaign and help you correct any misspelled words. We still encourage you to preview and test your campaign before sending.

  • Anchor Tool
    Anchor link icon
    You can create anchors in your content to link to another section within your campaign. Anchors can be used to create a table of contents or a Read More link.

  • Merge Tags
    Merge tag options drop-down menu
    Use the Merge Tags drop-down menu to add merge tags to your content. You'll find tags for Member Data, List Data, List Links, Social Sharing, Social Profiles and Content Helpers.

  • Line Tool
    Insert line tool
    The Line tool allows you to add a horizontal line to your content to separate areas of text.

  • Text Direction Tools
    Change text direction icon
    Use these options to set direction on your text: from left to right or from right to left.

  • Undo/Redo Tools
    Undo and redo action icons
    Use the arrows to undo and redo selections of text in your content. The arrow pointing to the left will remove any content that was just added in while the arrow pointing to the right will redo anything that was just removed.
    Keyboard shortcuts:

    ⌘ + Z    Undo action
    ⌘ + Y    Redo action

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