Add or Edit the “View this Email in Your Browser” Archive Link

This feature requires Author user level or higher.

Most MailChimp campaigns automatically include a View this email in your browser link, which we call the archive link. When subscribers click the link, it opens to a page in their web browser that displays the browser-friendly, archived version of your campaign.

The archive link helps subscribers see your content, even if they have display issues in their email client, like image blocking. If you don't have this link in your campaign, or if it was accidentally deleted, we recommend adding one.

In this article, you'll learn about the archive link, and how to add it to your campaign, and how to customize or translate the link's text.

How It Works

We automatically include the archive link in most MailChimp templates. Depending on the template you work with, one of the following links will display in the preheader, and sometimes in the footer.

  • View this email in your browser.
  • Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.

The View this email in your browser archive link is activated after you send your campaign. The link is connected to our *|ARCHIVE|* merge tag. When you send your campaign, we replace the *|ARCHIVE|* merge tag with an active link to the browser-friendly, archived version of your content.

How to Test the Archive Link

To test the archive link, you’ll need to go to the Design step of the Campaign Builder. Next, enter Preview Mode, and click the archive link to view a preview of the archived version of your campaign. Keep in mind that the archive link will not work in the Template Builder. This includes template test emails and template Preview Mode.

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