Design Guide: Test Your Design

It's a good idea to review your campaign for the correct links and images. We also recommend that you test your campaign design for subscriber experience: relevant content, ideal layout. Then, you can use these findings to create a style guide for your brand. These extra steps are typically an ongoing process as your list grows, but they will help to make sure you create the most engaging campaigns possible.

Below, you’ll learn how to test campaign content, and what to consider when you design your campaigns.

Test with an A/B Testing Campaign

A/B Testing Campaigns allow you to send different versions of your campaign to separate sets of subscribers in your list. Based on the performance of each version, the more successful one is sent to the remainder of your list.

For example, you can test campaign content to see if your subscribers are more likely to respond to links styled as text or as buttons.

Design for Viewing Environment

Subscribers are likely to check their inboxes on a variety of devices. A campaign that looks great in your work email client on your desktop computer screen might look different to your subscribers if they use another email client or device.

Check your list’s most popular email clients to see which desktop email clients and mobile devices your subscribers view your campaigns on most. If you can, create email accounts with these clients so you can see how they look. When you send test emails to these addresses, view the campaign on different mobile devices as well. If you aren't able to create an Outlook account, for example, try our Inbox Preview feature to create previews of your campaign on your list’s top email clients.

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, it is more important than ever to design and test your campaign for mobile. For Drag and Drop templates, edit the Mobile Styles to set how your campaign will appear on mobile, and view your test email on as many different mobile devices as possible.

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