Find Your Email Headers

Email headers are located in the source of every email and contain important routing information and message details. The full source of an email includes the entire contents of the message along with the headers.

Our Support Team may need to view the email header information to pinpoint delivery concerns, but we would require the full source of an email to investigate content-specific issues. Below, you'll find client-specific resources to help you locate these elements in your email.

Locate your email headers

Email clients are all slightly different, so you'll want to check out their help pages. Choose your email client or application to find out how to locate your headers.

Locate the full email source

The steps to locate the full source of your email differ widely for all the email clients. Do a web search for your email client or program in order to pull up the specific instructions needed to view the email's source, or check out SpamCop's resources.

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