Sending to your subscribers daily comes with its own best practices. Our nerds have combed through a lot of data, and come up with several tips for daily senders.


  • Keep your content especially clean and spam-filter friendly.
    Your campaigns will pass through spam filters more frequently and be under closer scrutiny than most.
  • Send amazing and compelling content.
    ISPs are creating tools that put more power in the hands of your subscribers. Low open rates could be hurting your chances of reaching the inbox next time.
  • Send to segments of your list by content.
    Instead of sending the same long email to everyone, send relevant content to segments of similar subscribersÑthe tech portion to your tech people, the shopping portion to your shopping people, and so forth.
  • Revise your list-collection strategy.
    Make sure your list is double opt-in to avoid hitting any spam traps or fake email accounts. Be very clear with everyone who signs up that they will be receiving a daily email. If there is a newsletter checkbox when a subscriber creates an account on your site, call more attention to it. Subscribers who aren't expecting your email are more likely to mark it as spam.
  • Always choose to use authentication on your campaigns.
    Authentication is like a license plate for your email and provides a trackable identifier to indicate you're a legit emailer.
  • Send at off-peak times.
    This is between 7pm and 8am for your timezone. This article has additional guidelines on finding your best send time.
  • Check out what other people have to say about increased email frequency.


Here at MailChimp, we're doing whatever we can from our end to make your deliverability great. Check out our Email Delivery for IT Professionals guide, deliverability page, and Matthew's great blog post to learn more about what MailChimp does for better delivery.

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