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This feature is only available on paid accounts.

Email delivery is typically handled behind the scenes, but with MailChimp Pro’s Delivery Insights feature, you can see your delivery progress as we receive updates. Pro even allows you to stop delivery on certain campaigns, if you realize there’s a problem after you click Send.

Delivery Insights are available for Regular and Plain-Text Campaigns. This feature is included with MailChimp Pro, which is available to add on to any pricing plan.

Access Delivery Insights

Delivery Insights are available on both the Campaigns page and campaign report. To access Delivery Insights from the Reports or Campaigns pages, follow these steps.

View on Reports Page

  1. Navigate to the Reports page.
  2. Click View Report next to the campaign you want to work with.

Active Delivery Insights appear on the campaign report page while your campaign sends. The Insights block includes an animated progress icon, and an option to stop delivery on your campaign.

After your campaign is sent completely, the Insights block will display Your campaign has been delivered. If you cancel a campaign, you’ll see Your campaign has been cancelled.

View on Campaigns Page

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page.
  2. Find the campaign you want to view.

A delivery progress percentage appears below the campaign name, and displays an icon that indicates your status. To view additional information about your campaign delivery, click View Report.

After your campaign is sent completely, the icon will change to Complete, and your report data will become available in Reports as it is captured.

If you cancel a campaign, a red X icon will appear instead, and your report data will show information for the subscribers who received the campaign before it was canceled.

Troubleshooting Delivery Insights

Why did my delivery indicator stop?

Occasionally, your Delivery Insights progress indicator might appear to stick at a high percentage, like 97%. This is typically due to transient ISP errors. We'll attempt to deliver for up to four days before marking them complete. Rest assured that that vast majority of your subscribers have received your campaign, and we'll update the indicator when the issue is resolved.

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