Avoid Apple Mail’s Spam Filter

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Apple Mail is the free email application that comes with every Apple device. It monitors three criteria when filtering emails, and sorts friend from foe.

Filter Criteria

  1. If you're in the recipient's address book, you must be a friend.
  2. If the recipient has ever sent you a message before, you must be a friend.
  3. If you know the recipient's full name, you must be a friend. 

The third item is most important for email marketers. If you ask for your subscribers' first and last names on your signup form, you may be able to bypass this part of the Apple Mail filter.

Your Signup Form

If you're not doing it already, start collecting first and last names on your email marketing signup forms. If you set up a list in MailChimp, the corresponding signup form includes FNAME and LNAME fields by default.

Some folks think including these fields is too much for your subscribers, but people generally provide that information if they are really interested in your newsletters.

Merge Names into Campaigns

When you collect FNAME and LNAME data on your signup forms, you can use it in your campaigns via merge tag. In the Setup step of the Campaign Builder, you can personalize the To: field. Check the box and enter the merge tags that correspond to your FNAME and LNAME columns in your database (just click the "mergetags" link for a cheatsheet, and we'll tell you exactly what to type into that field).

Merging FNAME and LNAME into your email campaigns is not a silver bullet to get you past spam filters, but every little bit helps.

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