How to View Subscriber Purchase Data

After you connect your MailChimp account to an e-commerce integration or Google Analytics, and enable tracking in your campaigns, you’ll be able to view subscriber purchase data in your account. There are a few places in your account where you can view your subscribers' purchase activity.

In this article, you'll learn where to view purchase and e-commerce data.

Subscriber Profiles

A subscriber profile is a page that contains information about a specific email address in your list. Each subscriber has one, and it contains details like group membership, campaign activity, purchases, and product recommendations. To view a subscriber’s purchase information, open their subscriber profile page and click the E-Commerce tab.

Review E-Commerce Data: Subscriber Profiles

How to Use MailChimp for E-Commerce

About Product Recommendations


A segment is a tool that filters your subscriber list based on conditions you set, so you can view subscribers with common qualities and send targeted campaigns to them. For example, segment by signup source to view all subscribers who signed up through your online store, or segment by purchase history to view subscribers who spent money in your online store.

We offer a selection of pre-built e-commerce segments for paid users who have API 3.0 e-commerce data in their account. This includes data from custom API 3.0 integrations, as well as MailChimp for Shopify, MailChimp for Magento, MailChimp for BigCommerce, and MailChimp for WooCommerce. These segments are located in your saved segments, and can be used as-is or edited to fit your needs.

Getting Started with Segments.

All the Segmenting Options: Signup Source

Segment a List by Purchase Activity

Campaign Reports

If you enabled e-commerce or Google Analytics link tracking in your campaign, your report will tell you how much money your campaign generated along with other helpful metrics

About Campaign Reports

E-commerce Tab

The E-commerce tab of your campaign report shows you total revenue and purchase activity generated from your campaign. MailChimp tracks and compiles this data after you connect your e-commerce platform to MailChimp, and send a campaign with e-commerce link tracking turned on.

Review E-Commerce Data: Reports Page

How to Use MailChimp for E-Commerce
A screenshot of the ecommerce tab in a report

Analytics360 Tab

The Analytics360 tab of your campaign report shows you how your campaign performed in Google Analytics. Google Analytics tracks and compiles after you connect the integration and enable Google Analytics tracking on your website and in your campaign.

Integrate Google Analytics with MailChimp

About E-Commerce and Analytics360 Reports

A screenshot of Analytics360 data

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