Ways to Use Goal

This feature is only available on paid accounts.

Goal is an optional campaign tracking feature that allows you to trigger an automation based on subscriber activity from your campaigns to your website. No matter what industry you're in, Goal can be used in many ways to engage subscribers based on their activity on your site.

In this article, you'll learn what you can do with Goal.


Send an Email After Purchase

A great way to keep customers engaged after a purchase is to send a post-checkout email. You can show other products they may be interested in or send out a coupon for a future purchase as a way of saying thanks. This is also a good opportunity to ask for feedback on their website and purchase experience.

Start and Finish an Online Course

Do you offer an educational series on your site? This could be a course to learn a new skill, or steps to get started with your service. Create an automation to send to a subscriber once they begin the course on your site to thank them for their interest. After they complete the course, send another automation that congratulates them for completing it. You can also send them links to other resources they might be interested in.  

Send an Email After Download

Are you a musician? A great way to engage your fans would be to send a campaign that offers a download of your new track. Create an automation to send to your subscribers after downloading the track to encourage them to purchase the full album.

Similar ideas could be to send an automation after a subscriber downloads a white paper, product details, or an ebook sample. This keeps subscribers engaged and reminds them your product is available when they're ready. 

Send an Email After Watching a Video

Videos are a great way to engage subscribers. Follow up with a subscriber after they complete a video to keep the momentum going. An automation like this could include links to the next video in a series or other relevant information related to the video the subscriber watched. 

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