Use MailChimp Sync for Eventbrite

This feature requires Manager user level or higher.

MailChimp Sync for Eventbrite automatically adds your event attendees to your MailChimp list, and allows you to see event purchase information for your attendees in their MailChimp subscriber profiles, and create a campaign for your event.

Below, you’ll learn how to connect MailChimp Sync from your Eventbrite account, view event attendees in your MailChimp account, and send a campaign.

Data Added to Profile

When an attendee is added to your MailChimp list from Eventbrite, the following information is included in their subscriber profile.

  • Only the attendee’s email address, first name, and last name are passed over from Eventbrite to MailChimp. Manually add additional information to the subscriber profile, or use an update profile link in your campaigns to allow the attendee to update their MailChimp profile.
  • The Signup Source will be MailChimp Eventbrite Extension.
  • Event ticket purchases will appear in the E-Commerce tab.

If an attendee’s email address is already subscribed to your MailChimp list, MailChimp Sync won’t overwrite any data, but it will add additional event ticket purchases to the E-Commerce tab of that subscriber’s profile

Connect MailChimp Sync

MailChimp users with Owner, Admin, or Manager access can connect MailChimp Sync.

  1. Visit the MailChimp Sync page in the Eventbrite Spectrum extensions directory.
  2. Click Install App.
    Cursor hovers over the Install App button.
    You’ll be asked to log in to your Eventbrite account if you are not already logged in.
  3. If you have not previously given permission to connect MailChimp Sync to Eventbrite, click Allow. Otherwise, click Connect with MailChimp. Cursor hovers over the Allow button.
    Cursor hovers over the Connect with MailChimp button.
  4. In the pop-up window, input your MailChimp username and password, and click Log In.
    Credentials placed in the username and password fields to connect Eventbrite to MailChimp. Cursor clicks the button to Log In.
  5. Choose whether to sync attendees from all events or selected events. If you choose Attendees from the selected events, check the boxes for the events you want to include.
    Screenshot shows Attendees from the selected events chosen, which the event Student Activities Fair checked.
  6. Select which list you would like the attendees to be added to, or click Create new list to create a new list.
    Screen shows the Current Students option picked.
    You can sync to only one list at a time.
  7. Click Start syncing.
    Cursor hovers over the Start syncing button.

Current and new attendees to your selected Eventbrite events will automatically and continuously be added to the selected MailChimp list.

You can update your preferences at any time in your Eventbrite account. Navigate to the Manage tab of any event. In the left navigation panel, scroll to the Extensions section, and click MailChimp Sync. Make any changes you want and click Update my preferences.

View Event Attendees

Eventbrite syncs to only one MailChimp list at a time, so you may have attendees for several events in the same list. Events are synced to your MailChimp account after at least one person purchases a ticket to your event. Segment your list by purchase activity to view subscribers in your list who purchased tickets to a particular event.

Example of segmenting conditions based on purchase activity. Shows Product Purchased is Student Activities Fair.

You can also send a campaign to the segment, or save the segment as a CSV file on your computer.

Create a Campaign

With MailChimp Sync, you can select an event in your Eventbrite account to be taken to the Campaign Builder in your MailChimp account, where you can add the link for your event and send a campaign.

To create a campaign in MailChimp Sync, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Eventbrite account.
  2. Click your username to expand the drop-down menu, and click My Events.
    Drop-down menu in Eventbrite with cursor clicking the My Events option.
  3. Click the title of any event.
  4. In the left navigation panel, click MailChimp Sync from the Extensions section.
    Navigation panel cropped in on the Extension section with cursor clicking MailChimp Sync.
  5. From the MailChimp Sync dashboard, click the Create Campaign tab.
    Screen of Sync, Create Campaign, and Reporting tabs, with cursor clicking the Create Campaign option.
  6. Select an event and the list you want to send to, and click Create new campaign.
    Cursor clicking button that reads Create new campaign.
  7. On the Reporting tab, click Edit/Send for the event you want to share in your campaign.
    Cursor clicking button that reads Edit/Send.
  8. You’ll be taken to the Design step in the Campaign Builder in your MailChimp account. Copy the deeplink for the event from the Reporting tab in your Eventbrite account or from the Comments tab on the Design step of the Campaign Builder, and insert the link in your campaign. This link will take recipients to the event page.

When a campaign is created through MailChimp Sync, it’s selected to send to the entire list, and default values are used on the Setup step. In the Campaign Builder, return to the Recipients and Setup steps to segment your list and change the defaults. You can also change the template on the Templates step.

When you’re ready to send your campaign, click Send on the Confirm step. General reporting information, like event ticket sales from the campaign, can be found on the Reporting tab for the MailChimp Sync extension in your Eventbrite account.
Screen of a sent campaign's reporting data in Eventbrite.

For the full campaign report, you will need to view it in your MailChimp account.

Disconnect MailChimp Sync

You can disconnect MailChimp Sync from your Eventbrite and MailChimp accounts at any time. After you disconnect MailChimp Sync in your Eventbrite account, be sure to remove API access in MailChimp as well. This will not remove subscribers from your list.

To disconnect MailChimp Sync, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Eventbrite account.
  2. Click your username to expand the drop-down menu, and click Settings.
    Eventbrite account panel expanded with cursor selecting Account.
  3. In the left navigation panel, click Extensions from the Settings section.
    Cursor hovers over the Extensions option in the Settings section of the navigation panel.
  4. Click the Trashcan icon for MailChimp Sync.
    Cursor hovers over the trashcan icon for the MailChimp Sync option.
  5. In the pop-up modal, click Disconnect App.
    Cursor hovers over the Disconnect App icon in the pop-up modal.
  6. Log in to your MailChimp account.
  7. Click your profile name to open the Account Panel, and click Account.
    MailChimp Account Panel expanded with cursor hovering over the Account option.
  8. Click the Extras menu and click API keys.
  9. In the Authorized applications section, find MailChimp Eventbrite Extension, and click the X icon.
    Cursor hovers over the X icon to delete the MailChimp Eventbrite Extension option.

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