Use a merge tag to add a Facebook Like button to each campaign, so your subscribers can quickly like or share your campaign archive on their Facebook stream.

Type the *|FACEBOOK:LIKE|* merge tag into your campaign where you want the Like button to appear. While you edit the campaign, you'll see the merge tag text, but the tag will be replaced with the button when you send the campaign to subscribers. To see the button in action before you send your campaign, send yourself a test campaign.

When the sent campaign hits your subscriber's inbox, here's what happens.

  1. Your recipient clicks the Like button.
    Email headline with copy and Like button.
  2. They confirm that they want to like your campaign.
  3. They get the option to add a comment.
    Facebook popup allows user to add comment to post.
  4. They click Post to Facebook and the like will appear on their Facebook Wall.
    Facebook displays username, comment and posted campaign.
    If they didn't add a comment, we'll post the like along with the campaign subject line on their Facebook Wall. The link will go to your campaign archive page.

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