With the *|FACEBOOK:LIKE:URL|* merge tag, you can allow your subscribers to like your Facebook page directly from your campaigns.

Here's how you set up the Like merge tag:

  1. In the Design step of the Campaign Builder, edit the region where you want your Like button.
  2. Add some text such as "Like MailChimp on Facebook" to let your recipients know where the "Like" button will take them.
  3. Add the merge tag, including the full URL of your fan page, like this:

    Facebook Like URL in the content editor
  4. When you look at the campaign in popup preview, you'll see that the merge tag has been turned into a like button.
    Facebook Like URL in popup preview

When your recipients click on the Like Button, they'll need to confirm that they want to "Like" the page/site on Facebook. The 13,000+ other people (in our example) are the number of people all over Facebook who like the specified page. You'll also see faces of your friends if they also like this Page.
Facebook Like URL in popup preview

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