Integrate Wufoo with MailChimp

This feature requires Manager user level or higher.

Wufoo is a platform for creating custom signup forms that you can integrate with your lists in MailChimp. Below, you'll learn how to integrate your Wufoo form with your MailChimp account.

Set Up MailChimp-Wufoo Integration

  1. In your Wufoo account, create a Wufoo form and click Save Form.
  2. In the confirmation pop-up window, click option two: Setup email notifications for this form.
  3. On the Notification Settings page, click the drop-down menu under the to another Application heading and select MailChimp.
  4. Click Add Integration.
  5. When the to MailChimp box appears on your Wufoo Notification settings page, click Connect to MailChimp.
  6. On the Connect screen, fill in your MailChimp username and password, and click Log In.

After you log in with your MailChimp credentials, the Connect screen will close to take you back to Wufoo. Your form is now integrated with MailChimp. For help setting up your form fields to match your MailChimp account, take a look at Wufoo's integration resources.

Disconnect the MailChimp-Wufoo Integration

To disconnect the MailChimp-Wufoo integration, click the Forms tab in your Wufoo account, then click Notifications for the form you want to disconnect, then click the red x in the corner of the MailChimp integration.


A variety of factors can cause subscribers to not show in your MailChimp list. As long as everything is set up properly, the problem should resolve itself. Check back in an hour or so, and see if the subscribers have been added.

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