Use Bizness Apps to Make Signup Forms for Mobile Apps

This feature requires Manager user level or higher.

Bizness Apps helps anyone create mobile applications for their business, even without any programming knowledge. Bizness Apps will even help host your application on the iTunes or Android app store.

The Bizness Apps integration with MailChimp makes it easy to add a newsletter signup form to your mobile application, so you can gather names and email addresses of your customers and then upload them into your MailChimp mailing list.

Set Up Bizness Apps

  1. Sign up for Bizness Apps or log in to your Bizness Apps account.
  2. Customize a mailing list tab in your Bizness Apps account. After you've created your mailing list tab, you can use your mobile device to easily sign up new subscribers.
    Mobile Signup Form Examples
  3. In a different window, log in to MailChimp and get your API key.
  4. Copy your key and return to the Bizness Apps window. Paste your key into the API Key field for your mailing list.
    Bizness Integration Page paste API
  5. Go back to MailChimp and copy the unique ID for your mailing list.
  6. Paste this code into the List Id field.
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. Once you've gathered your subscribers' information, click Upload to MailChimp.
  9. Once that's complete, your subscribers are added to your MailChimp list and you can send to them.

Need extra help? You can get support from Bizness Apps.

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