In the Integrations Directory, you'll be able to see all of the plugins and integrations that work with MailChimp, as well as who created them. 

Main page of the Integrations Directory where you can find the integration you are using

When you select a plugin from the integrations page, we'll display a bit more information about that plugin including who created it and how to contact them directly.

Example of an integrations page in the Integrations Directory

Plugins By MailChimp

If the plugin was created by MailChimp you can use the links below to reach out to the devs through the plugin's forum.


For the WordPress Analytics 360 plugin, you can use these sites and forms for help and support:

Third Party Plugins

For any questions on third party plugins, you'll want to contact the developer of the plugin directly. Contact information for the developer can be found on that plugin's page in our Integrations Directory.

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