Use Social Profiles to Segment Twitter Users and Followers

This feature is only available on paid accounts and requires Manager user level or higher.

With our optional Social Profiles add-on, you can get information about your subscribers, including if they're on Twitter and if they're following you on Twitter. This information can then be used to segment and send to just subscribers who are on Twitter but aren't following you.

Activate Social Profiles

Before you get started, make sure you have Social Profiles activated for the list. This is a paid feature and can be found in your account by following the steps below.

  1. Click your profile name to expand the Account Panel and choose Account.
    Cursor choosing Account option from the Account Panel.
  2. Click the Billing drop-down menu and choose Monthly plans or buy credits.
    Cursor hovers over Monthly plans or buy credits option from the Billing drop-down menu.
  3. Under Social profiles in the Additional features section, click Add next to the lists that should get Social Profiles. Choose the lists to add SocialPro
  4. In the sidebar, review your choices, input your credit card's CVV, and click Complete Purchase.
    Example of billing total that includes Social Profiles.

After you've enabled Social Profiles, give the system anywhere between 24 hours and a week to populate the Social Profiles data for your subscribers. We'll check the various social networks for subscribers using the same email addresses that appear on your list and report it back in your account.

Segment Your List

After the Social Profiles data is populated, you can send a campaign to a segment of your list by following the steps below.

  1. Create a campaign.
  2. On the Recipients step of the Campaign Builder, select a list and then choose S end to a group or new segment.
  3. Set up your segment conditions by choosing all from the match drop-down menu, and then the following. Create segment based on SocialPro data
  4. Click Update Recipient Count to see the total number of subscribers who match the criteria.
  5. Continue through the steps of the Campaign Builder to design and send your campaign.

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