I’m getting bounce reports when people try to sign up to my list.

This feature requires Manager user level or higher.

If your Primary Account Contact receives bounce notices related to your signup forms, there are a couple of possible reasons. 

Bounce notices generally start with:
"Hello, this is the PowerMTA mail server on s73419.mcserver02.net."

Two things could be happening here:

  • A spam bot is trying to submit bad data to your signup form.
    To test this, send an email to the bounced address and say, "We noticed you tried to sign up for our mailing list. While confirming your email address, we received a bounce notice. Did you need additional assistance?" If you get another bounce notice in return, it's most likely a bot or other inactive address.
  • The subscriber submitted their email address with a typo.
    In this case, inspect the email address and see if you can identify a typo in the address submitted. If you find it, you may want to send them an email from your own email program to let them know that there was a typo in the email address they used to sign up. Ask if they want to submit their information again, or if they want you to manually add them to your list.

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