My unsubscribe rate is really high.

It is normal that subscribers will sometimes unsubscribe from a list. But if you see a spike in your unsubscribe rate, here are a few things to consider.

  • Is my content relevant to my subscribers? Is it what they expect?
    Make sure subscribers know the type of content they will receive when they sign up to your list. Consider creating a sample campaign for new subscribers, or use groups and segments to send relevant content to portions of your list.
  • Is my list's permission reminder and postal address clearly displayed?
    A postal address is required by law as part of the CAN-SPAM Act. Your  permission reminder should be on every campaign to remind people how they got on your list. 
  • Is my sending frequency at the right level?
    To find out what sending frequency your subscribers prefer, send a poll to see if they want more or fewer campaigns. If you send more than one type of campaign, set up groups in your list so subscribers can choose to opt in or out of certain categories, rather than unsubscribe from your list completely.

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