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This feature requires Manager user level or higher.

MailChimp Mobile for iOS helps you manage your account on the go. Track subscriber and campaign activity, view campaign reports, and add new subscribers directly from your mobile device.

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In this article, you'll learn how to set up and navigate MailChimp Mobile.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • You must have an active MailChimp account to use the MailChimp Mobile app.
  • MailChimp Mobile is not meant to replace the full version of MailChimp. If you need to do something in your account that isn't available in the MailChimp Mobile app, access the full version of MailChimp in a web browser.
  • This article uses an iPhone 6 Plus to demonstrate MailChimp Mobile's features. Other iOS devices may render the same features slightly differently.
  • Depending on your user level, you may not have access to all the features in this article. Account Owners, Admins, and Managers have full access to MailChimp Mobile.
  • MailChimp for Shopify users will see their e-commerce data displayed at the top of the report. If you use a different e-commerce platform, your data will display on the E-commerce tab in your report.

  • MailChimp Mobile is also available for Android devices.

Connect Your Account to MailChimp Mobile

To add your MailChimp account to MailChimp Mobile, follow these steps.

  1. Download and open MailChimp Mobile on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. On the the Connect to MailChimp screen, input your MailChimp login credentials and click Log In. To log in with your API key, tap Scan Key in the upper-right corner.


Your Dashboard displays an overview of your recent account activity. The Activity tab shows recent campaign and list activity, and the Overview tab displays a graph of your overall list growth over the past 30 days along with an overview of each list in your account. 


The Campaigns screen displays the 25 most recent campaigns in your MailChimp account. Scroll down to load more campaigns or use the Search bar on the Home screen to search for a specific campaign.

Sent campaigns display overall open and click statistics, and draft campaigns display a DRAFT stamp to indicate their status. 

Tap any campaign to open its campaign preview and access other tasks. 

From the campaign preview screen, you can do these tasks. 

  • Tap the Plain-Text tab at the bottom of the screen to view the plain-text version of your campaign. 
  • Tap Details to view your campaign's delivery date and time, email subject, and recipients. 
  • Tap the Export icon to share your campaign report with a client or colleague
  • Tap View Report at the top of the screen to access this campaign's report.


From the Lists screen, you can view all the lists in your account, and drill down to view list statistics, subscribers, segments, and individual subscriber profiles. 

Tap any list to view its list Overview, where you'll find your list statistics, including open and click data, and unsubscribes.


Your list Overview screen contains a lot of information, including a graph of list growth, and many list management statistics. From any list Overview screen, you can do these tasks. 

  • Tap the subscriber count to view all the subscribers on this list. 
  • View the number of subscribers and people who unsubscribed since the last campaign. Tap the 30 days tab or Today tab, for subscriber changes during that time period.
  • Under the Your Subscribers heading, tap any of these options to sort and filter your list data: All subscribers, VIPs, Subscribers by group, Subscriber locations, and Subscriber email clients.
  • From any subscriber list view, tap a subscriber's name to open their subscriber profile. 


The Reports screen displays reports for your recently sent campaigns, along with the overall open and click rates for each campaign. Both  A/B Testing and Multivariate campaigns are labeled as Multivariate campaigns on this screen. On the Reports screen, tap any campaign to view its campaign report and access other tasks. 

On the report Overview screen, you'll find detailed information and statistics, including when the campaign was sent and a 24-hour performance graph. From here, you can also complete these tasks.

  • Tap View Campaign in the upper-right corner to open a preview of your sent campaign. 
  • Tap the Export icon to  share reports with clients or colleagues.
  • Tap any result with an arrow icon to view the associated list of subscribers: Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, and Abuse Complaints.
  • If you track e-commerce links, scroll to the bottom and tap E-commerce to view these statistics. If you use MailChimp for Shopify, you won't see any data on this tab.


The Automation screen displays all of your workflows and the status of each, including active, paused, and draft.

On the Automation screen, tap any workflow to view its details and access other tasks.

On the Automation workflow screen, you'll find the details of your workflow, including the trigger for each email in your series. Tap any automated email to view its individual report, and access these tasks.

  • Tap the Export icon to share the report with a client or colleague. 
  • Tap View Campaign to view the email preview, plain-text preview, and details. 
  • To pause or resume an individual automated email, open the email's report, and tap View Campaign. Then, tap Pause Campaign or Resume Campaign, as needed. 

Account Settings

On the Home screen header, tap Accounts to access your login and settings information. From here, you can search for help articles in the Knowledge Base, report an issue, or read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You can also complete these tasks.

  • Tap Connect another account to add another MailChimp account to your mobile device. 
  • Tap any account name to access the Home screen for that account.
  • If you have multiple accounts already connected, tap Edit to log out of any account. 
  • If you're only using one account and want to log out, tap Log Out.

Apple's Handoff and 3D Touch Feature

Apple offers a couple of unique features that can be used to streamline your workflow on iOS devices.


Apple's Handoff feature allows you to begin working on one iOS device and pick up where you left off on another. Handoff is available in MailChimp Mobile version 3.5 and later, and requires that you've installed MailChimp Mobile on each compatible device you want to use. 

When you're working in MailChimp Mobile on a compatible device, a MailChimp Mobile icon appears in the bottom-left corner of the lock screen on your other devices. To switch to the other device, swipe the icon up to open MailChimp Mobile, and we'll send you straight to the screen you were viewing on your other device.
iPhone lock screen with the MailChimp icon in the bottom-left corner.

Troubleshoot Handoff

Handoff uses iCloud to sync information between your iOS devices. Initially, the Handoff feature may not work on some iCloud accounts and will require that you restart a couple settings on your mobile devices. If Handoff doesn't work for you, follow these steps.

  • Check that your iOS devices are compatible with Handoff.
  • If your devices are compatible, open your device's Settings app, and turn Bluetooth off and on again.
  • You may also need to sign out of iCloud and back in again, in the Settings app for each device. 

‚Äč3D Touch

Apple's 3D Touch feature opens a Peek and Pop when you tap on an application to show you shortcuts to what's inside. 3D Touch is available on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

To quickly add a subscriber or view your latest report, tap and push on the MailChimp Mobile app on your iOS device to open the Peek and Pop. 

Notification Center Widgets

MailChimp Mobile includes campaigns and lists widgets that can be added to the Today view in the pull-down iOS Notification Center. The Campaigns widget displays an overview of reporting statistics for your most recently sent campaign. The Lists widget lets you select a list to use in the widget, and displays list growth statistics as well as a shortcut to add subscribers.

Learn more about MailChimp Mobile widgets.


Next Steps

Now that you're familiar with MaliChimp Mobile, learn how to complete common MailChimp tasks, set up widgets, and access information on your Apple Watch.

Using MailChimp Mobile for iOS
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