MailChimp VIPs for Android

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MailChimp VIPs for Android allows you to view your VIP subscribers and track their campaign activity from your mobile device. The app syncs with your MailChimp account to send notifications when your designated VIP subscribers open your campaign, click links, or update their subscriber information.

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up and use MailChimp VIPs.

Connect MailChimp VIPs to Your Account

After you've installed MailChimp VIPs, follow the steps below to connect the app with your MailChimp account:

  1. Launch the Golden Monkeys app and tap Connect to MailChimp. If you’d rather log in using your API key, tap Use an API Key.
  2. On the Connect screen, enter your MailChimp credentials.
  3. Tap Log in.

After the app is connected to MailChimp and you have subscribers designated as VIPs, you’re ready to begin tracking subscribers.

Use MailChimp VIPs

MailChimp VIPs lets you view any VIP subscribers in your account as well as their recent campaign activity. The app includes an Activity tab and a VIPs tab.

On the Activity tab, you’ll see an overview of recent campaign activity for your VIP subscribers.

On the VIPs tab, you can see your VIP subscribers under the heading for the list they belong to.


The Settings screen lets you set a password, view our privacy policy, subscribe to our mobile newsletter, and log out of your account. To access your settings on an Android device, tap your phone’s menu button and then tap Settings.

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