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This page answers the most common short, close-ended questions our users tend to ask. We've broken them down by category to make finding answers simple and easy.

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Can I use a free or personal email address for my MailChimp account?

Does MailChimp adhere to EU Safe Harbour Principles?

What if my country isn't listed in MailChimp's database?

Will people know that I'm using MailChimp?

Do you offer nonprofit discounts?

Why didn't I get a partner discount?

Can you reactivate my archived account?

What happens if I’m on the Forever Free plan and I purchase credits?

What if I have leftover credits when I upgrade to a Monthly Plan?


Does MailChimp generate the plain-text version of my campaign?

What is alt text?

What is EepURL?

Are shortened links recommended in campaigns?

How can I stop out-of-office replies and other automated messages?

Can I add a PayPal button to my campaign?

Can I use JavaScript in my campaign?

Can I upload or use my own custom fonts?

Do I need to put my email address in place of the *|EMAIL|* tag?

Why can't you add code to my website or fix my broken code?

Can I get an RSS feed of my archived campaigns?

On an A/B split test, which group is the winner when there are no opens or clicks on the campaign?

Is an A/B split campaign ever sent to the loser?

Can search engines find my campaign archives?

Will my address appear on the campaign archive page?

Can I tell which groups subscribers are in for an A/B Split Campaign?

Why are my links being clicked?

Can I change the name of my sent campaign?


How fast does MailChimp deliver email?

Do my campaigns send through your server or mine?

Can MailChimp tell me if my campaign went in the junk folder?

Is MailChimp an SMTP server?


If I "Like" a campaign, will my personal information in the newsletter show up on Facebook?

Does Google Apps work with my Facebook Integration?

Why is my Twitter follower count off?

Can I limit the number of tweets that show on my campaigns?


Does MailChimp check for duplicates when I import subscribers?

How many groups can I have in my list?

How many segments can I have in a list?

Can I upload my whole list at one time?

Can I send my campaign to a listserv address?

Do out-of-office emails get taken off my list?

What size image should I use in my signup form?

If I delete a list, what happens to associated campaigns?

Do imported subscribers receive a welcome email?

Can I send to a few of my subscribers without segmenting?

Can I send to more than one list at a time?

Can I limit the number of subscribers in a list?

Can I get a list of people who didn't confirm their signup?

Can I create multiple lists in my MailChimp account?

Can I create a MailChimp list from my Facebook followers?

Is there a limit to the number of answers in the drop-down or multiple choice fields?

Does MailChimp manage my bounces and unsubscribes?

How do you determine my list rating?

How long do I have to keep a list in my account?

Will MailChimp use my customer list in any way?

What are cleaned addresses?

How do I convert a CSV to a tab-delimited file?


If someone forwards my survey email to a friend, will I see their survey results?

Can I export a list of all the bounce reasons?

Why is my list average zero even though I've sent campaigns?

Why is the Industry Average in Chimp Charts different from the stats in my account?

Do you track system tags in the campaign statistics?

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