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    • Use RSS Header Content Blocks

      Use MailChimp's RSS Header block to easily pull content from your RSS feed into your campaign. Learn how to add, edit, and style content in RSS Header blocks.

      • Campaigns : Content Blocks
      • Mar 2, 2017
    • How to Find Your Email Headers

      Email headers are located in the source of every email and contain important routing information and message details.

      • Delivery : Deliverability Research
      • Oct 11, 2016
    • View and Edit Section Design

      Design entire sections of your campaign, including the header, footer, and body. Learn how to add borders, background colors, and more.

      • Campaigns : Design and Edit
      • Apr 19, 2017
    • Use RSS Items Content Blocks

      Use MailChimp's RSS Items block to easily pull content from your RSS feed into your campaign. Learn how to insert, edit, and style RSS Items blocks.

      • Campaigns : Content Blocks
      • Apr 19, 2017
    • I know this email address is valid, but it hard bounced.

      Valid email addresses can hard bounce for many reasons. Reading bounce headers (SMTP replies) can provide insight on what caused an address to hard bounce.

      • Delivery : Spam Filters
      • Mar 2, 2017
    • Pre-header

      This content block appears at the top of predesigned campaign templates, and is often a call to action or teaser of the email content. Its content appears as the text that follows the subject line when an email is previewed in a contact's inbox.

      Feb 9, 2017

    • Campaign page

      Online version of an email campaign that displays in a browser when someone clicks the View in browser link in a campaign's header. Can be customized using conditional merge tags to display information different from the email campaign contacts received in their inbox.

      Apr 5, 2017