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  • Getting Started with Segments

    Your list contains a lot of information about your subscribers, including when they signed up, where they’re located, and details about their interests and preferences.

    • Lists : Groups and Segments
    • 06/18/2015
  • Getting Started with MailChimp

    An overview of what you need to know about getting started with MailChimp, so you can design and share email campaigns, manage your subscriber list, and track results.

    • Accounts : Account Setup
    • 06/18/2015
  • Getting Started with Campaigns

    Need help getting started with MailChimp campaigns? This article walks you through the basics.

    • Campaigns : Ways to Build
    • 06/18/2015
  • Getting Started With Editor for Android

    MailChimp’s Editor app for Android gives you the tools you need to create and edit campaigns from your Android tablet. Editor is fully functional on and offline and includes many familiar tools from the full version of MailChimp.

    • Mobile : Mobile
    • 06/05/2015
  • Getting Started with A/B Split Campaigns

    Use A/B Split Campaigns to test how different factors affect the way subscribers engage with campaigns.

    • Campaigns : A/B Split Campaigns
    • 06/05/2015
  • Getting Started With Chimpadeedoo for iPad

    To get started with Chimpadeedoo for iPad, connect Chimpadeedoo to your MailChimp account and set up your signup form.

    • Mobile : Mobile
    • 06/22/2015
  • Getting Started With Chimpadeedoo for Android

    When you're getting started with Chimpadeedoo for Android, first connect Chimpadeedoo to your MailChimp account and set up your signup form.

    • Mobile : Mobile
    • 06/22/2015
  • Getting Started With Automation

    Learn how to get started with MailChimp Automation, from background information to creating an Automation workflow.

    • Automation : Automation
    • 06/22/2015
  • Getting Started with Lists

    The foundation of great email marketing is an up-to-date list of email contacts who have opted in to receive your campaigns. Learn some tips on getting started with lists in MailChimp.

    • Lists : Build and Grow Your List
    • 06/22/2015
  • Getting Started with Merge Tags

    Merge tags are used to populate personalized or dynamic content in your campaigns, signup forms, response emails, and automation workflows.

    • Merge Tags : Using Merge Tags
    • 06/23/2015
  • Getting Started with MailChimp's Template Language

    When creating custom email templates with MailChimp's email template language, there are some basic guidelines you should follow. These guidelines are intended

    • Templates : Code Your Own
    • 06/22/2015

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