• About Open and Click Rates

    Your MailChimp tracking reports provide key information about your email marketing, and are a great a starting point to test and improve your campaigns.

  • How to Change List Name and Defaults

    Many settings for each of your lists list can be changed or edited from the List name & defaults screen including list name, campaign defaults, subscription set

  • My subject line breaks in Outlook.

    Outlook will almost always break your email message if the "To:" field is personalized using a merge tag and there's no default value for that recipient.

  • Write Effective Subject Lines

    The nerds in MailChimp Labs developed the  Subject Line Researcher, a free tool to help you test your subject lines. Check it out!

  • My emails show up broken or as an attachment

    A few things can cause broken code or attachments in a delivered campaign, including spam filtering and improperly processed personalization and multipart content.

  • Set up Email Subject, From Name, and From Email Address on a Campaign

    When you create a campaign in MailChimp, you can Name your campaign, provide a From name, Email subject, and From email address, and Personalize the "To:" field on the Setup step of the Campaign Builder.

  • Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

    The best email subject lines are short, descriptive and provide the reader with a reason to explore your message further. Tell, don't sell your email.

  • Set up an A/B Split Campaign

    Setting up an A/B split campaign is similar to creating a regular campaign, but it allows you to send different versions of your content to subscribers to see which works best.