Since every email client renders HTML differently, all MailChimp templates are designed to look great across different email clients. This helps to make sure that each of your subscribers receives an email that looks like what you designed, regardless of the email client they use.

We designed all MailChimp templates to be no greater than 600px wide, because we’ve found that most email clients can correctly display emails that are this width. Stretching the template beyond 600px could produce undesirable results in certain email clients.

The underlying code for the template width cannot be altered automatically through any setting in the Campaign Builder. If it is necessary to create an email wider than 600px, we strongly recommend providing your own code or hiring a designer to create the code for you.

If you’d like to use one of our templates rather than coding your own, there is a workaround that you can use to force your email to stretch beyond the recommended 600px width. This workaround works best with Drag and drop templates. Below, we walk through how to stretch a Drag and drop template.

  1. Navigate to the Design step of the Campaign Builder.
  2. Add a Text content block to each section of the template—preheader, header, body, columns (if applicable), and footer.
  3. In each of these Text content blocks, upload an image that is more than 600 pixels wide. We recommend making this a thin image that is either transparent or the same color as your campaign background so it isn’t noticeable.

If your template has columns, a sidebar, or any padding, then you’ll need to adjust the width of the graphic to total up to the template width you want.

After stretching the campaign to a width larger than 600px, we recommend testing the campaign in as many clients as possible to ensure that it displays as intended.

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