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This article explains a few things to know as you get started with MailChimp.


Get answers to common questions about our pricing plans and billing.


Connect your online store to MailChimp. Learn about your customers and sell more stuff.

Email Templates

Learn about our template options. Get tips for when and how to use them.

E-Commerce made easy

Have an online store? Connect it to MailChimp so we can make recommendations that help you sell more stuff. Automate your marketing messages, recover sales with abandoned cart emails, and target your customers with discounts and special offers.


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Connect Your Online Store to MailChimp

Sell More Stuff with MailChimp

Best Practices for E-Commerce Subscribers


Getting Started

Learn how to start using MailChimp to reach your audience.


Import contacts, create signup forms, and manage your MailChimp lists.


Use MailChimp to share emails, ads, and other messages with your audience.


Set up your account, learn about billing, and stay up-to-date on compliance policies.


Connect MailChimp with your e-commerce store and other apps.


Learn how we deliver email and how you can ensure contacts get your campaigns.

Merge Tags

Personalize your campaigns with contact names, social media buttons, blog posts, and more.


Use a prebuilt design or code your own templates for email campaigns.


Automatically send purchase emails, welcome messages, and more.


Get performance stats for your marketing efforts and e-commerce store.


Send one-to-one e-commerce emails and automated transactional emails with Mandrill’s delivery service.


Learn how to use MailChimp on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.