How MailChimp Uses Cookies

MailChimp uses session cookies to help our website remember changes made as our users move from page to page. With secure sites like MailChimp, session cookies work to keep the user logged in so they aren't required to enter their credentials whenever they navigate to a new page. These cookies are deleted after the session ends.

Turning off or disabling cookies will affect MailChimp's ability to function. All users need to enable cookies for the site to work. Below, you'll learn where we use cookies, and how to enable cookies in your browser.

Where We Use Cookies

MailChimp does not use cookies to track contacts. Links and images are used to track open and clicks for email campaigns.

  • Logging in to MailChimp creates an initial session cookie.
  • Shared reports create a cookie when the recipient logs in to view the report.
  • MonkeyRewards creates a cookie that traces the sign up to the account holder receiving the points/discount.
  • The Stay Logged In option on our login page creates an encrypted token that pulls log in information. After you've logged in, we may use cookies to display content that's relevant to you.

Enable Cookies in Your Browser

Where you enable or disable cookies depends on which browser you use. Below are some resources that show you how to enable cookies in common browsers.

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