My account was deactivated.

Accounts can be deactivated from lack of use, credit card issues, or abuse problems.

Below, you'll learn how to resolve these issues.

  • There was an abuse issue on your recent email campaign.
    Our abuse system found an issue with a recent email campaign or with your account. This can include too many spam complaints, a high bounce rate, and more. You will receive an email from the Abuse Team shortly if you haven't already.
  • Your credit card was declined.
    Check your card information to make sure it is correct. If your information on file is correct, please check with your bank to determine the cause of the decline. We are unable to provide a reason for the decline, and can only see that a decline happened. To restart the account, you'll need to update your card information and re-purchase your plan to start it up again.
  • You are trying to access an older, expired trial account.
    Do you have another username or email address that you may have signed up with? If you cannot remember your username or password, you can try to recover them.
  • You haven't logged in to your account for more than a year.
    You'll need to start a new account before you can access our new features. We can't reactivate your old account or delete the old account to make your old username available. If you have leftover Pay As You Go credits, contact us about adding those to your new account.

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