About Affiliate Links in MailChimp

When an email that contains an affiliate link is marked as spam, internet service providers (ISPs) investigate the URL for malicious activity and may blacklist the domain. Blacklisted URLs in a campaign can negatively affect the MailChimp user who sent the campaign, as well as anyone else who uses MailChimp to send email.

MailChimp has an obligation to maintain high delivery rates for our customers, so our system automatically scans for problematic links each time you send a campaign.

In this article, you'll learn about affiliate links in MailChimp.

What You Should Do

We expect you might, at some point, inadvertently send a campaign that contains a blacklisted affiliate link, but there are some things you can do to help prevent this from happening.

Assess Your Affiliate Links

Several factors can help you determine if an affiliate link might cause issues in your campaign.

Here are some guidelines to help assess if a link is safe to use in MailChimp.

  • Advertisement Links
    Advertisements for another company in your campaign should appear under your branding, in your voice, and be presented as a special offer from that company to your subscribers. An unrelated advertisement from another company that appears under their branding and isn't specific to your subscribers could look like spam, and isn't okay to use in your campaign.
  • Product or Service Recommendation Links
    It's usually fine to recommend and link to products or services in your campaign. However, some products and services are prohibited under our Terms of Use.
  • Links to Prohibited Content
    You can't send emails about, or include advertisements for, any content that's prohibited under our Acceptable Use Policy. For example, it's not okay to include links promoting "Get Rich Quick" opportunities. This type of content is prohibited because it tends to generate a high number of abuse complaints.

Terms of Use

Acceptable Use Policy

Research Domain Reputation

Many ISPs don't make their blacklists public, so it's hard to be absolutely sure an affiliate link isn't on a blacklist somewhere. But these resources can help you determine the reputation of a domain before you link to it in your campaign.

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