What Happens When You Switch ESPs

If you import your contacts from another email or marketing service, you may need to reorganize or reconfirm your email list. Permission is required for people who receive marketing emails, so it's important to make sure everyone on your list is correctly identified.

You can import your contacts into these categories: subscribed, unsubscribed, and cleaned. Keeping these people straight helps reduce abuse complaints and bounces, and can increase your engagement.

How to Reconfirm a List

Import Subscribers to a List

Import Supression Lists

Are you switching from Constant Contact? Check out this article about the differences between how Constant Contact and MailChimp manage list data.

In these cases, we recommend you reconfirm your list before you use it in MailChimp. 

  • Your current list hasn't been recently or regularly cleared of unsubscribes and bounces.
  • Abuse complaints weren't being handled, or were not being adequately handled.
  • You haven't sent to your list in a while.


Still not sure about your list? Take a look at what is and isn't an approved list under our Terms of Use.

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