Share a Sent Email Campaign

After you send an email campaign, you may want to share your content with people who weren't on your list, like coworkers, new subscribers, or visitors to your website. There are a few options to share a sent campaign: resend it, use the Social Share feature, or link to the browser-based campaign page.

In this article, you'll learn how to share your email campaigns.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • This article shows you how to share a sent email campaign. If your campaign is scheduled, or if it's still a draft, our Twitter and Facebook integrations can auto-post it at time of send.
  • Some sharing methods are limited to certain campaign types. Take a look at the table in the first section to learn about your options.

Share Options for Campaign Types

Use this table to learn which sharing method supports the type of email campaign you want to share.

  Regular Plain-Text A/B Test RSS Automation
Resend a Campaign yes yes yes yes yes
Social Share Feature yes yes      
Share a Link to a Campaign yes yes yes yes yes
Share the Email Campaign Archive yes yes yes yes  
Share Recent Campaigns yes yes yes yes  
Add a Custom Email Campaign Archive to Website yes yes yes yes  

Resend an Email Campaign

Sometimes, you may want to resend an email campaign to new subscribers or to a segment of subscribers who didn't open the message the first time. To do this, replicate the campaign and resend an exact copy.

Resend an Unopened Campaign

Getting Started with Segments

Use the Social Share Feature

The Social Share feature posts the short URL to your sent email campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or Delicious. If you enabled Social Cards when you created your campaign, your featured image and message will display when you share.

Share a Sent Email Campaign with Social Share

Share the Email Campaign Archive

For each list in your account, we create a free landing page that includes links to your last 20 email campaigns. Share the URL to your campaign archive, so people can quickly catch up on your recent content.

Find Your Sent Email Campaigns: The Email Campaign Archive

Share Recent Email Campaigns

Insert the *|LIST:RECENT|* merge tag into any email campaign, and we'll replace it with a list of links to your most recent email campaigns. To share campaigns when new people join your list, include the merge tag in your Final welcome email or in a Welcome Message automation.

All the Merge Tags Cheat Sheet: *|LIST:RECENT|*
Automation Types: Welcome Message
Enable or Disable the Final Welcome Email

Add an Email Campaign Archive to Your Website

If you have coding experience or access to a developer, there are a couple of ways to post a MailChimp archive on your website. Try our archive code to embed recent email campaign links on your site, or you can design your own custom archive.

Add an Email Campaign Archive to Your Website

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