MailChimp doesn't recognize my *|UNSUB|* tag.

Your unsubscribe merge tag must be set up in a specific way to meet our Terms of Use and CAN-SPAM laws.

If MailChimp isn't allowing you to send an email campaign and it's telling you that you don't have an Unsubscribe link but you really do have an unsubscribe link, here are a few things to check.

  • Are you using your own unsubscribe link? If so, the system will not recognize it. We require that our own unsubscribe merge tag be used: *|UNSUB|*. If you are using your own HTML, you can use the code in this article.
  • Did you put the merge tag into your source and not just in the body of the footer? Follow these directions.
  • Do you have comments in your html? A comments tag left open will cause the system to not see your UNSUB tag.
  • Did you use Word to create the content in your email campaign? The junk code Word pulls into the background of your campaign can interfere with our processing the unsubscribe tag. If you originally used Word, remove the junk code to remove any HTML code that interfers with the merge tag.

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