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Customize the look and feel of your campaign with our drag-and-drop editor. Use content blocks to add and format text, upload images, link to files, and more.

In this article, you'll learn about the different types of content blocks and their uses, how to rearrange them in your layout, how to change the Style and Settings for a content block, and what to expect when you view your campaign on a mobile device.

Content Block Types

There are several different content blocks that you can use to customize your campaign layout. The blocks available vary depending on the type of campaign you're working with.

Options for content blocks on the Design step of the Campaign Builder

Drag-and-drop template RSS content block optionsScreen of the signup form content block.

Move Content Blocks

Content blocks can be dragged vertically or horizontally within the template to mix up the layout and the design. To move blocks, click and hold the drag handle in the top left of the content block, then move it wherever you'd like it to go.

When you move content blocks, MailChimp overlays your campaign with section labels, like header, body, column, and footer. The section label highlights to blue when you move a content block into its section, making it clear where in the layout you're dropping the block. Blocks moved into a different section take on any style preferences you've chosen in the settings for that section of the campaign.

Delete a Content Block

To permanently delete a content block, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the block you want to delete. A menu bar will appear at the top of the content block.
  2. Click the Trash icon.
    Trash icon

Style and Settings

Use the Style and Settings tabs to customize the design of individual content blocks in your campaign. Select a content block to bring up its editing window, and choose the Style or Settings tabs to make changes.

Style and Settings tabs in content block editor

Campaign layouts are divided into sections, such as the header, body, or footer. When content blocks are added to a section of the campaign, we apply any of that section's set style preferences to the content blocks. Styling changes—like font, font size, and more—can also be made for an individual content block in the content block's Style tab.

Change the Settings for the content blocks for additional customization options, like setting a content block to two columns or choosing where a text caption will appear in relation to an image.

Each content block type has different Style and Settings options, so try a few to see which best achieves the design you're looking for.

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