Resolve the Default Text Content Alert

MailChimp's email templates include default text that tells you how you can use each content block. We'll stop you from sending an email that has any leftover default content, so you don't accidentally send it to your contacts.

In this article, we'll show you how to resolve the default text content alert so you can send your campaign.

Remove Default Text

Sometimes, default text content may get overlooked in a content block of an email. Most MailChimp templates have some default text, and depending on the template you choose, the text may vary. When this happens, we'll show you an alert in the Content section of the Campaign Builder.

To update default text content so you can send, follow these steps.

  1. In the Content section of the Campaign Builder, look for the default text content alert.
    content section will include a default text alert

  2. Click Resolve.
    click resolve

  3. Find the default text, and click its content block to open the editing pane.

  4. Replace or delete the default text.
    replace or delete the default text
    If the default text appears in a content block that you don’t need, you can click the trashcan icon to remove it from your campaign.

  5. Click Save & Close.

All clear! Now that you've replaced the default text in your campaign, you should be able to send.

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