Prevent Formatting Problems with Paste from Rich Text

Content created in a rich-text editor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs often includes underlying HTML formatting code. If rich text is pasted into a campaign, this hidden code can cause formatting changes that may affect the way your email displays in MailChimp and email programs. We recommend using the Paste from Rich Text Editor option to strip any coding that could interfere with how your text content displays. Once the previous formatting is removed, apply any text styles through the content editor in the Campaign Builder.

The Paste from Rich Text Editor icon is found on the toolbar of the text content editor. It looks like a clipboard with a capital W.
Paste from rich text editor (Word) icon

Click the Paste from Rich Text Editor icon to open a pop-up modal where you can paste in your content. Once pasted, click OK to add the content to your campaign.
Paste from rich text screen

MailChimp strips all but the following text elements when you use the Paste from rich text editor option.

  • bold text
  • numbered lists
  • bullet points
  • links

The Paste as Plain Text option doesn't keep these elements, so all formatting is removed if you choose that option instead.

After you've pasted in your content, use the tools in the Editor toolbar to make any further changes to your format, and use the Content Manager to add images to your campaign.

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