About Auto-Convert Video

When Auto-convert video is enabled on the Setup step of the Campaign Builder, we scan your campaign content for embedded video code and convert what we find to an email-friendly screenshot that's linked to the URL of the video. This feature is particularly useful if you're bringing in content from another source, like an RSS feed or importing from a URL, and you want that content accessible in your HTML email.
Auto-convert Video Checkbox

Why It Is Important to Convert Videos

Most email clients strip out embedded video in email content because they can't play the videos within the email program. The best solution is to include a screenshot that links to the video URL.

We provide video merge tags and a Video content block to help you do that quickly for a variety of video hosting sites, but it may be even easier to use our Auto-convert video option. It works in the background to find embedded videos in your content and converts them to the same linked screenshots created by the video merge tag or content block.

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