Use the Notification Bar on a Landing Page

Grab the attention of your audience right away with a notification bar on your landing page. Notification bars are a dismissible section at the top of your landing page. Use this space to highlight important messages you want to send to your audience.

In this article, you’ll learn how to turn on and style a notification bar on a landing page.


How It Works

The notification bar sticks to the top of your landing page as visitors scroll. The bar is dismissible, so when people who view your landing page dismiss the bar, they won’t see it again.

Customize the bar with your message and set styles to suit the look of your page. For example, you may want to use the bar to inform your audience about your cookie policy or a limited-time offer.
Notification bar at the top of a draft landing page

The bar isn’t enabled by default, so you’ll need to turn it on to use it.  If you want to use the bar on multiple landing pages, turn it on and add your design separately for each page.   

Turn On and Style the Notification Bar

After you create a landing page, you’ll add the notification bar to your draft. You can also add and edit the notification bar on a published landing page at any time.

To turn on the notification bar, add your message, and set styles, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page and click the name of the landing page you want to work with.
  2. In the editor, click the Design tab.
    Click the Design tab
  3. Click Notification Bar.
    Click Notification Bar
  4. Toggle the Notification Bar to turn it on.
    Toggle the Notification Bar slider
  5. In the Style section, click to choose a background color.
    Click to choose a background color
  6. In the Text section, add your message and use the tools to set styles.
    Add your message to the Text section and set styles
  7. When you’re finished editing, click Save.

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