Enable and Customize Social Cards

Use MailChimp's Social Cards to choose a featured image and text to display when your email marketing campaign is shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can also preview how the cards will look on these social sites.

If you don't enable Social Cards, MailChimp will choose the text and image to use when your campaign is auto-posted on Facebook, and use information from the Settings & Tracking section of the Campaign Builder for auto-tweets to Twitter. To customize what campaign shares and auto-posts will look like, enable Social Cards in the Campaign Builder.

In this article, you'll learn how to enable, customize, and troubleshoot Social Cards.

Before You Start

  • Social Cards work best with new campaigns. We advise against using Social Cards with replicated campaigns. To reuse a previous campaign's layout, save it as a template, and enable Social Cards in a new campaign. 
  • Images for Social Cards should be at least 600px wide. Optimal height depends on the platform. For instance, Facebook requires images to be a minimum of 200px x 200px.
  • If your image is smaller than 600px wide, Facebook will create a more compact display. See Facebook's Sharing Best Practices for more information.
  • Auto-tweets and auto-posts pull in subject lines as additional text. If you plan to auto-tweet or auto-post your campaign, we recommend you avoid using merge tags in your subject line, as they will not display correctly on Twitter or Facebook. 
  • Wait until you customize your Social Cards to test any campaign that has Facebook share links or Social Share content blocks. Facebook stores the first Social Card it receives, even if you've sent it for testing purposes.
  • After you send a campaign, Social Cards can't be edited. Be sure to proofread and test thoroughly.

Enable and Customize Social Cards

To enable and customize your Social Cards, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page.
  2. Click the name of the campaign you want to work with.
  3. In the Content section of the Campaign Builder, click Edit Design.
  4. On the Design step, click the Preview and Test drop-down menu, and choose Social Cards.
    Preview and Test drop-down menu with cursor on Social Cards.
  5. Under Social Card Settings, toggle the Enable Customized Social Cards slider to a green checkmark.
  6. Under Featured Image, click Next or Back to choose an image from your campaign. Images should be at least 450px wide.
    Enable social cards
    Click upload an image to upload or choose a different image from the Content Manager.
  7. Input a title for the card in the Title field. Merge tags are not supported in this field.
  8. Input a description in the Write a short description about this image field to encourage people to view your campaign. Merge tags in this feild will display your default merge value.   
  9. Click the Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest tabs to see how your Social Card will look.

    Pinterest Preview
  10. Click Save & Close.


Troubleshoot Social Card Images

There's no image in my Social Card.

The featured image should be at least 450px wide. There is no limit on the height for images. Social Cards with images that don't meet these requirements will post without an image.

My posted Social Card shows the wrong image or text.

There are three ways this can occur, and you may or may not be able to work around it, depending on the error type. 

  • If you didn't set up Social Cards and don't like the default image that appears, or if you accidentally chose the wrong image when you set up Social Cards, you won't be able to change the image after the campaign has been sent.
  • If a posted image in Facebook or Twitter differs from the featured image or text you chose in the Campaign Builder, you can fix the issue.
  • Facebook and Twitter sometimes display old Social Card images and text if you sent a replicated campaign, or if you sent a test email before you enabled Social Cards.

You can manually refresh Facebook and Twitter data to show the featured image and text you selected.

Refresh a Featured Image and Text on Twitter

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page and click the name of the sent campaign.
  2. Click the Details tab and copy the campaign page link.
  3. Log in to Twitter, then navigate to Twitter's Card Validator site.
  4. Paste your archive link in the Card URL field.  
  5. Click Preview Card to refresh the link between Twitter and your campaign.  

Refresh a Featured Image and Text on Facebook

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page and click the name of the sent campaign.
  2. Click the Details tab and copy the campaign link.
  3. Log in to Facebook, then navigate to Facebook's Open Graph Debugger page.
  4. Paste your link in the field provided.
  5. Click Debug.
  6. Click Fetch New Scrape Information to refresh the link between Facebook and your campaign.  

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