Link Error: "No URL found for this tracker ID"

The "No URL found for this tracker ID" error only occurs if you try to click a link in an email campaign that is either an old expired test message or a campaign that has since been deleted from an account.

If you delete a campaign, there isn't anything left in the system for the tracking links to reference. In the case of test messages, test message links are only active until you send your next test message or until the message is sent to a final list. Once a second test or the final campaign is sent, the first set of test links expire and, again, the links don't have anything in our system to reference against.

It can be confusing at first to tell whether or not you are looking at an expired test message versus a copy of a final campaign. Here are a couple of ways to tell:

  1. Does the final campaign stats show click stats for your campaign? If so, your campaign was sent correctly and the template reporting the "No URL found for this tracker ID" error is an expired test message.
  2. Look at the time stamp on your campaign showing the error. More than likely if you are seeing the error: "No URL found for this tracker ID", your time stamp will not match any of your sent campaigns located anywhere in your account.
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